World War II Toy Soldiers Collection

This collection features a variety of exhibits of World War II toy soldiers. The World War II toy soldier collection has 10 dioramas, featuring historic scenes such as:

  1. European Farm House (images 1 & 2)- Depicting Allies marching through European farm land, accompanied by tanks and German captives - Soldiers by King and Country
  2. Bombed French Gas Station (image 3)- Soldiers by King and Country
  3. Airport Allies (image 4)- Ground crew preparing plane for take off - Soldiers by King and Country
  4. Naval Battle (image 5)- This scene shows the U.S. Enterprise Nuclear Aircraft Carrier and four different battleships: the HMS Hornet (British), the USS Missouri (American), the Yamamoto (Japanese) and the Bismark (German) - Ships from Forces of Valor
  5. Bombed Village in Normandy (image 6)– Depicting the Allies marching German captives - Soldiers by King and Country
  6. North Africa (image 7) - Between Rommel & Montgomery - Soldiers from K&C
  7. Battle of Wake Island (image 8) - Set in South Pacific - Soldiers by K&C and WM. Britain
  8. Battle Near Moscow (image 9) - Between Nazis & Russians - diorama built from scratch
  9. IWO Jima Japenese vs Americans (image 10)- Diorama & soldiers from K&C
  10. Von Ryan's Express (images 11 & 12) - Based on a movie with Frank Sinatra. Diorama, train, tank, & soldiers all built from scratch.