The Orient Toy Soldier Collection

Travel back in time to the Orient with this exciting toy soldier collection. The Orient Toy Soldier Collection features a variety of toy soldiers in 6 different dioramas:

  1. The Streets of Hong Kong (images 1, 2 & 3) - see description below
  2. 13th Century Samurais (image 4) - best quality from St. Petersburg Russia
  3. Mongols with Genghis Khan (image 5) - high-quality from Russia
  4. Old China Royal Family (image 6) - from King and Country
  5. 16th Century Chinese Warriors (image 7) - from King and Country

The Streets of Hong Kong Diorama is one of the largest and most impressive displays, featuring over 2000 toy soldier figures as well as detailed building structures and landscaping. This diorama is set in the year 1897, depicting a time when most social and business activity was conducted outdoors.