Cowboys & Indians Toy Soldiers Collection

Travel back in time to the wild west with this collection of cowboy and indian toy soldiers. This toy soldier collection is complete with scenes of gun fights, saloons, horse drawn wagons and battles between cowboys and indians. It features 4 different toy soldier dioramas:

  1. Cowboy and Indian Toy Soldiers – Battle scene
  2. Saloon – Depicting poker, drinking and dancing - From Sarum of England & painted by hand
  3. Indian Village – This peaceful 12 x 20 diorama features a ground placement woven by Navajo Tribes as well as figures from Black Hawk.
  4. Okay Corral in the Town of Tombstone (images 4 & 5)– Depicts the famous gun battle between Wyatt Earp, Doc Holliday and the Clanton gang. This huge display took over a year to create.