Civil War Toy Soldier Collection

This unique toy soldier collection captures the glory and tragedy of the American Civil War, depicting various scenes between 1861 – 1865. Step onto the Confederate and Yankee battlegrounds with stunning toy soldier exhibits showcasing the weaponry, cavalry, uniforms and flags of the time. This collection features a variety of Civil War toy soldiers in 7 dioramas:

  1. Union Forces Preparing for Battle
  2. Battle at Jackson, MI - Two different dioramas by Conte Collectibles
  3. Zuaves Battle at Second Manassas - This was an actual battle at Second Manassas. The colorful costumes were descended from the French.  They were called zuaves and both sides wore them. Soldiers are by Conte Collectibles.
  4. Confederate Soldier Camp - Soldiers are by Conte Collectibles.
  5. Civil War Chess Set - Hand carved from Soapstone
  6. Stonewall Jackson in Mississippi
  7. Civil War Generals Display