Airplane Toy Soldier Collection

This vast collection features a variety of both modern and historical era airplane toy soldier figures including:

  1. World War I & II Era Planes: Japanese Fighter Plane, WWII Corsair, WWII Messerschmitt, WWII Russian Plane, WWI SPAD VII, B52 Stratofortress Bomber, WWI Sea Plane, WWII P38, WWI Eddie Rickenbacker Plane, WWI Fokker Red Baron Triplane, WWI Yellow BiPlane, Bell XI - B29 (dropped atom bomb - Signed by Paul Tibbets, the actual pilot), Bell XI (flown by Chuck Yeager)

  2. Modern Planes: Thunderbirds, Blackbird Stealth, Harrier, Russian Mig 29, Jet Bomber, Blackhawk Helicopter